Personal Due Diligence
It is essential to scrutinise those with whom one intends to work. Irrespective of whether you need to hire someone on a temporary basis or you wish to initiate a more long-standing cooperation, a personal profile from Profile Intelligence will eliminate any uncertainties you may have and provide you with the necessary knowledge to support your actions and your decisions. In international cooperation it is especially important to take into consideration information available in the local language and furnished by national sources. We provide this with the help of our international partners.


Corporate Due Diligence
In today’s global business life, it is increasingly important to amass knowledge about the companies with which you want to cooperate or to acquire in other countries. Profile Intelligence has many decades of experience of corporate due diligence, both in Sweden and internationally. We scrutinise companies, owners, management teams and production systems. With our sound sources of knowledge and our extensive network of contacts, we can attain the required and reliable factual basis for risk assessment, analysis and decision-making.


Commercial Due Diligence
Companies today operate in a complex global market. Commercial due diligence provides knowledge of current market conditions, trends and players, be that in Scandinavia or in other parts of the world. In cooperation with our partners, Profile Intelligence has carried out numerous assignments as part of acquisition processes or prior to establishment in new markets.


Multisource Monitor
Multisource Monitor is an exclusive service in which, together with our colleagues, we act as your eyes and ears in a local market. We take on a product, a company or a market, monitor developments and carry out follow-ups as if you yourself were on site – it is all about being personal, selective and specialised. In addition to monitoring and summarising local language media, Multisource Monitor can also provide, for example, the purchase of product samples, the requisition of legal documents, or visits to trade fairs. We arrange just what you need in order to gain a complete and on-going picture of a course of events, regardless of the source.

 Monitoring can be carried out over a few weeks or months, or it can continue for several years. At present, our longest on-going Monitor started in 2002 and ran for 13 years with weekly reports.


International genealogical research
Finding missing heirs can be a challenging task, especially if the traces lead to other countries. Our international network of skilled investigators is a worldwide resource for locating relatives and beneficiaries. Read more about our genealogical services here.